Pygital Fun

Pygital Fun

Digital games + Physical plat - Phygital Funl

Digital + Physical = "Phygital"
Digital devices + Physical fitness - "Phygital Fun"

SkiWithMe (SWM) so far SWM has successfully engaged 19 participants in "phygital fun" in our "My1stSki" (m1s) outreach. To begin, we connected with 5 screenagers deploy metaverse technology to their digital devices.

In a series of four class lessons each of the students (now totaling 9) were actively engaged on their smart phones, tablets, or laptops. And our numbers grew.

In our introduction to web3, the metaverse in general, and blockchain technology specifically, we designed and eventually minted individual mementos known as "non fungible tokens" (NFT). These utility tokens are collectibles incorporating certifications of achievement and "proof of attendance" that open the way to outdoor fun and games.

Digital games + Physical play = "Phygital Fun"