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Phygital Fitness

Digital engagement to physical activity

"Phygital fitness" is a portmanteau derived by combining the two words: "digital" and "fitness". Digital fitness deploys digital marketing to promote physical fitness and activity - primarily outdoor education - in the metaverse of web3.

Digital technology is deployed to attract attention, engage participation, and encourage consistent involvement physical activity in the physical world. "Coach G", founder of ski with me, states, "We meet our young clients at their favorite location - their smartphone, tablet, or laptop screen."

The digital technology of web 3 and the metaverse is deployed to attract interest, engage involvement, and encourage consistent activity in the real world. Digital attention begets physical activity. And phygital world active and doable 24/7/365.

A variety of interactive, phygital programs also serves to extend physical activities throughout the entire year, during the off hours, and attractive too "couch potatoes".
Diverse SkiWithMe technology techniques include such things as:
•social media engagement, digital marketing
•distance learning
•virtual reality
•augmented reality
•recognition and rewards
managed with a personal portal unique to each participant or "SnoDog" member.


Ski in 3

Ski in 3

"Ski" is a term covering any/all "snow-sports"