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Ski in 3

Ski in 3

"Ski" is a term covering any/all "snow-sports"

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start Skiing the smooth way - your way

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Trade your winter on the couch for a perfect season on snow. SkiWIthMe - master the moves & conquer the slopes.

SkiWithMe operates at the distinctly different resorts throughout the Western, NY area. Select your resort and we'll connect you there. Your area, your instructor, your way.

Life's too short to be stuck in a lift line. come, SkiWithMe today. 716-474-9055

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3 healthy reasons

3 healthy reasons to SkiWithMe

3 healthy reasons to SkiWithMe

do SkiWithMe so you can be

SkiWithMe - we guarantee! ..

  1. Burn calories. It's true-skiing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise.
  2. Tone lower body muscles. Shape your thighs as you speed down the slopes.
  3. Boost balance. Gain a sense of grace with improved balance and strength.

Come, SkiWithMe today.

Impress yourself

Impress yourself! + family & friends

Off the couch - on the slopes

Maybe you can already handle a set of skis, but you want to touch up your technique. SkiWithMe offers all types of skiing lessons. Best of all, if you're a graduate of our Ski-in3 program, you'll get access to future lessons with notable advantages.

One can purchase or repair ski equipment in the Buffalo, NY Area at Colden Ski and Board. A-Ski-In3 partner

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Step Into Skiing


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Lake Effect Variety pack

Making the most of WNY winter

New York leads the Nation in total ski areas, And WNY has far more Ski areas WNY has the most areas in the state. WNY has has earned the label of ""National SnowsSports Academy".
How many have you experienced?
With the Lake Effect Pack, you can experience all 10 WNY slopes for a winter of variety:

Lake Effect Variety pack