Tour Planner

Tour Planner

Pick a place - select a Pro - plan it out, make some memories, double your pleasure, transform cost" to "investment"

Relating to the 70 percent of travelers who feel overwhelmed by starting the process travel planning, fully two-thirds want to learn more about activities, plus the Resort, lodging, transportation, meals, and more.

Types of info consumers want to see while planning include:
•Transportation options especially airport transfers
•Info on packing
•Recommendations for locally owned businesses and restaurants
•Info on how to best engage with local cultures and communities
•Recommendations for destinations that are not over-visited
•Walkable or bikeable activities
•Recommendations for destinations that support local history and heritage
•Info on volunteering with local organizations

Local Professions have a stake in your satisfaction and as residents in their host community. They are close at hand to help, opine, and refer. But it's your final selection that makes all the difference!

Business professionals: continuing education courses are available at many full-service destinations. Ask us but consult with accounting about "expense out".