My1st Ski

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My 1st Ski

Reaching out to open lessons to all

Learning how to Ski or Snow Board can be intimidating the 1st time out.

•What do I need?
•How much does it cost?
•How do I start?
•How do I turn or steer?
•Who can help me?

Our SWM Mountain Pros are your team dedicated to giving you, every slider or each rider the best opportunity to learn and have fun all at the same time.
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And it starts off the mountain but in your "fitting room"

We focus on the fundamentals of skiing to build a confident foundation for each student. When our experts determine your skill level, you will upgrade to the next slope tier.

If you think it's time to get on the slopes and learn how to ski, then contact us at SkiWithMe to set up a class or just to speak with one of our experienced riders.

We can help get you started and riding down the slopes confidently in no time!